email: phone:719-799-6025    Colorado Springs, CO        Web Development AMC Web Design Donate Trees (and Decorations) Donate Money Request a Tree  Our History & Mission Three years ago we started by giving away one Christmas tree from an ad we put on Craigs list, which sparked a citywide effort that ended up giving away over 800 trees in three years. Our mission is to give away fully decorated Christmas trees to families in need and we need trees, decorations and cash donations! Putting smiles on people's faces and warming their hearts for Christmas is what this project is all about. Our three year old kept asking me "when will Santa bring us our Christmas tree with lights" as we drove past house after house -all sporting twinkling trees in the window. YOU helped my heart stop breaking.  You truly get Christmas.  Thank you! (times a million). The Christmas Tree Project, LLC Click to read Article