email: phone:719-799-6025    Colorado Springs, CO        Web Development AMC Web Design About Us In the beginning, Michelle and I had no idea how much having a Christmas tree means to people, but it turns out it means a lot.  Our simple desire to give away a single Christmas tree on Craigslist miraculously turned into a citywide effort managed by a volunteer team of over 15 very dedicated people.  The Christmas Tree Project created a healthy dose of Christmas magic by giving away more than 800 fully decorated Christmas trees in last couple of years to families that would never have had one otherwise.  This project is full of smiles, hugs and even a few tears. The Christmas Tree Project After reflecting on it all, it's clear this story is not about us-and it's really not even about Christmas trees. It's about an amazing pay-it-forward effort that started with a chain of random acts of kindness and blossomed into a citywide effort to help other people have a better Christmas. In the cold wintery days of December in Colorado Springs, this project warmed hearts all over town.  Generosity, kindness, caring, and the Christmas spirit was, indeed, alive and well in Colorado Springs. You will be happy to hear, there are people in Pueblo and in states as far away as Kansas, Florida, and West Virginia are making the Christmas Tree Project happen in their communities too.  Some of you were not privileged, as we were, to actually get to know some of our tree recipients, so we're including a few of their stories here.  They're truly awesome, amazing-and humbling, too. Michelle and I feel so blessed to have been able to participate in the real Spirit of Christmas-in such a meaningful way-that we want to thank everyone involved and wish each of you a wonderful, healthy, happy holiday.  We look forward to working with you every Christmas! Sincerely, David & Michelle Fein and the Christmas Tree Project Team